Meet Dr. Barbie Kalev

Dr. Barbie Kalev helps hard working people find more fulfillment, more joy and more peace in their daily lives so they can enjoy the success & life they have worked so hard to create. 


Having grown up in poverty on public assistance in Queens, New York, Barbie decided early on as a child that education and a solid career would be the way out of poverty and to a great life. After obtaining her PhD at New York University, she went on to teach at a private university in Texas. She decided to leave academia to dedicate herself to building her online business in the fitness and health industry. At the height of her success, making an annual 7 figure income, Barbie felt that despite her success, a sense of peace and joy still eluded her. Although she had the career, the finances, the home, and even the relationship, a constant feeling of internal chaos, of “never enoughness” and lack of satisfaction persisted. This is, she says, when her quest for true fulfillment began. This is when she decided to rewrite her definition of success, one that goes beyond prescribed by Western culture, where the focus is more on the accumulation of possessions and accolades.


The constant pursuit of more, without dedicated awareness to our relationship with ourselves, to others, to our bodies (including the way we use our energy), our habits and routines will leave us feeling empty, dissatisfied, if not sick. Barbie learned this the hard way. Fortunately, through countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars, Barbie was able to finally create a life where she could continue being the high performer, goal getter that she is and to fully enjoy the life and body that she lives in. Today she feels happy, at peace, and works from a place of inner alignment. Her life mission is to help other people like herself stop the struggle and create deep, meaningful lives that include the pursuit of lofty goals.