business opportunity 

I'm looking to partner up with strong, dedicated women who want to lock arms and create lives they love centered on making a difference. I left my job as a professor at a well-respected university after doing this for 3 years. It doesn't happen overnight, and you don't have to want to leave your present employment to start your own business!

Having the courage to live the life I love means that I now get to work from home, in yoga pants, with my pups by my side! For YOU, this might mean you get to travel more, spend more free time with family, friends, pets, stress less, take care of aging parents, give to charities and just be free, all while helping other people live their truth. I KNOW I can help you do the same if you're willing to do the work. 

My goal is to provide you with the best training possible to guide you in the right direction toward making all of your health, fitness, and financial goals come true. You will have access to all our tools, scripts, training, groups, and my ten year's plus worth of experience.

Fill out this application so I can get to know YOU, your passions, interests, and what drives you. I'll get in touch with you after that to set up a time to chat. Note that I am very selective about the women I choose to mentor and will only accept up to 10 women per month, so please do respond thoroughly.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Barbie Kalev, PhD