My Story

While the majority of people see me as a successful online business owner today, my beginnings most certainly did not feel like "success.” Perhaps you will see parts of your own story that will resonate with mine:


My name is Barbie Kalev. I’m married to Sagi Kalev, the creator of BodyBeast. He's the love of my life and best friend. (I met him six years into coaching when I was already making 7 figures a year.) I am a fur mom of 3, have a PhD in French Literature from NYU, and I'm also 7-figure earner with Beachbody who grew up on public assistance in Queens, New York. I was born in Queens, but I moved to South America with my family before the age of 2.  We were living a comfortable lifestyle in Ecuador, with my mom, dad, and brother, when life got turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis for my brother. Take that in for a moment because the result of that life-altering event, overnight, separated my family. My mom moved to NY with my brother to fight for his life, and it wasn’t until after about a year or so, I was able to join them. We went from being middle class to living below the poverty line on public assistance. We depended on the government, living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, where everything was run down or a “hand-me down” from the curbside. This was once an immense source of shame for me. I mean I even remember hiding when my mom would pay for groceries using food stamps.


I remember feeling a lot of shame, but it was precisely those circumstances that drove me.


I knew, from a very early age, that this was NOT going to be my lot in life. I was a young child who couldn’t wait to grow up so I could take control of my surroundings, make them how I wanted! There were so many things I hated about my circumstances...I hated that we had bunk beds in the living room, that “my space” was half a drawer and half a closet.


Growing up I thought education was the way out, so I pursued the highest and most esoteric degree I could think of: a PhD in French literature. But working in academia didn’t fulfill me the way I had hoped. I loved the teaching role of my job, but honestly, no matter how hard I tried to be good at the research part of it, I felt mediocre at best. I didn’t feel that I was in my gift zone. I knew I was born to shine! I was looking for fulfillment, but something was still missing… because I just knew in my gut, I was meant for MORE.


Around the same time, I had started my own personal fitness journey, which quickly turned into a business online, where I was supporting other women on their fitness journey. This new role made me feel fulfilled, productive, recognized for my efforts and hard work. When I realized the opportunity I had, I ran with it. I worked night and day. A great mind said that it’s not so much the achievements that count, but rather it’s who you become on the journey. I was able to build an Empire and achieve financial success, but along with that, and just as importantly, I achieved what I had been seeking:



Now I live to pass on the knowledge, the tools and the exact roadmap to my success, to other women!


I know you’re reading this because you are looking for MORE in your life. Keep an open mind and open heart because what I’m offering is way more than a financial opportunity!