$1,111.00 USD

Unchained: An Aligned Goal Achievement & Manifestation Program


The Promise:

  • How to set bold, aligned goals so you can step into 2023 with clarity and confidence
  • How to achieve big goals in a way that feels effortless & fun
  • How to finally break free from beliefs and behaviors that have held you back for years
  • How to reprogram your subconscious so success becomes a habit
  • How to master your feminine & masculine energy to improve all your personal and work relationships
  • How to manifest consistently instead of forcing and forcing your way to achieving your goals


This program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to step boldly in 2023 with a concrete plan
  • You’re ready to achieve bold goals without the work-til-you-drop mentality
  • You’re looking to create your future instead of focusing on the past
  • You’ve been wanting to learn how to manifest
  • You’re ready to bring more joy to all of your relationships, starting with yourself


What’s included:

  • 9-10 modules taught by Barbie
  • Includes Magical 2023 Masterclass
  • Lifetime access to recordings in your private vault
  • Private community to share breakthroughs & receive feedback from me
  • Weekly opportunities to be coached by Barbie
  • Strategic & Energetic tools


If you’re ready to set yourself free, you know what to do.


What People Are Saying:

Add this to my success story: I just did a workshop in front of a group of people who I am most fearful of and I showed up and showed out. This was a group of elders and other practitioners in my religious group. They are advanced and very knowledgeable on my topic and I never imagine myself presenting to them before this. I really love this work. My workshop was so vibrant and engaging. I really love what I am doing. Folks asked me if I have a book! And, now I have to work writing my book. My Projector was so in action! I can’t WAIT to listen to your masterclass. BTW, I have a good friend who I am recommending to you. She was blown away by what I told her. She is a coach, and a spiritualist. (She lived around the corner from our old building) she is now back home in IOWA with her family. She needs you!!!!

Kadi J.

Barbie.. thank you SO MUCH . I can't even put into words how I feel today. My heart just wants to explode... and I know that I did this but I really don't think I could have if you didn't see me when you did... if you didn't help guide me when you did.. trusting you and taking that leap to work with you was the best thing I ever could have done... from the bottom of my heart I could never thank you enough for your constant support, guidance, friendship and just your heart.... You're a mentor even when you're not trying to be a mentor lol.. and just being within your magnetic field lights a fire in me that is now nearly impossible to ignore.. gahhhh!! Celebrating me for sure today... but also celebrating US!

Jenn G.

In a course with you we did some visualization. And I clearly remember a shift for me, money abundance as a tool, but visually more so as the ocean. The waves to a fro. Sometimes crashing in, sometimes gentle and quiet. But always flowing. I lived so long with the mindset of containment rather than flow when it came to money. You helped me shift that mindset to money as a tool FLOWING through me, to serve others, to serve my family, abundantly. I'm not sure my words can describe the moment in your class that we did this, but I will never forget the energy I felt.

Lacy O.

You really have created something special and to see you so naturally guide people is fuckin magical!

Brandy B.