How to actually accomplish your goals

Updated: May 27, 2020

Do you have big goals, but are just not sure where to begin? Or you begin, but sometimes the goal is so big that you can't seem to bring it into fruition? Then watch this training to help you through the process of goal completion!


Mindset: Decide on the goal and that you're going to see it through! This part is key!


  1. Figure out who has done what you want to do.

  2. Do they offer free or paid how to training?

  3. What do you personally notice in terms of characteristics or behaviors? Are these qualities you will need to adopt?

  4. Set a time line for your goal

Where do you begin?

  1. If you’ve done some homework, make a rough plan and take a first step

  2. Find support in groups, google and YouTube. Be inspired by what they have accomplished.

  3. Take a second step. The next steps will be revealed as you go!!

  4. Trouble shoot as you go ! You can figure it out.

  5. Make a move. Assess. Tweak. Keep moving forward

  6. Celebrate progress!

  7. Keep moving forward

Dr. Barbara Kalev

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