Like An Old Shoe

Why do ever stop doing the things that bring us joy, the simple pleasures that really don't take up all that much time? And then when we go back to doing them, we're like, "Wait, why did I ever stop? I love this!!" It's been at least five years since I sat down to blog and oh my, the feelings I'm experiencing as I sit down to write, the joy, the peace in soul, I can't even! It's like slipping on an old slipper. I remember the first time I sat down to blog ten years ago. Not being tech savvy, I'm not even sure how I even dared to get it all going. But I guess my desire to share and connect was greater than my lack of knowledge.

I got so busy in the pursuit of success that for a while I stopped making time for the things that matter, thinking that they didn't really matter all that much. But here's the thing, you can only hustle and grind for so long before something has to give. After a while, without daily joy and small pleasures, it all starts to feel so mundane, even success.

When I was working ungodly long hours to build my business, I fueled my ambition with my bucket list of items that I would one day be able to afford. Nice clothes, nice jewelry were always at the top of my list, after the nice home, of course. Today, I find myself wearing the same pair of black Ugg boots with the little hole on top created by my big toe (I know, how very unglamorous) and the same 3 sweaters on rotation. It's not that the nice things don't matter, it's that they don't matter all that much. Don't get me wrong, the nice home matters! Being debt free matters! But as the dust of success has settled, I find myself going back to the basics, to joy.

Success looks different to me now. I'm still the same driven, ambitious person. The idea of being retired, sitting idly, collecting a paycheck sounds more like a death sentence than a dream to me. My idea of success now is a nice combination of hustle and play & downtime. If I could give my younger self some advice, I would tell her to leave the joy in. As busy as life gets, find ways to integrate joy, to laugh, to play. Your older self will thank you for it.


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