Should you do 80 Day Obsession?

10 Days Into My New Program

The “new” 80 Day Program came out 10 months ago and I’m only getting to test it now, 11 months later! I’ll admit, the hour long workouts and my back injury were huge deterrents. I was convinced (I was wrong) that there would be lots of twisty movements that would aggravate my back issues (the result of a car accident, disc protrusion, and a host of other fun issues!). Well, I was wrong.

So here are my honest impressions thus far of Autumn Calabrese’s 80 Day Obsession program. I couldn’t believe how fast my body responded. Within days I saw the shift, really. I’m already pretty fit and trim, but I was carrying just a few extra pounds. On my small frame, they made a difference to ME and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters (not what others think). Within a week, I was back to my ideal weight and THAT was enough confirmation that I was on the right track.

The first week was tough because my body wasn’t used to working so hard! This happens with most new routines. I knew that and also knew that this soreness wouldn’t last forever. I also knew this was a great sign that my body was responding favorably. At first, the hour long workouts felt, well, like an hour long. A week in, however, I made the best choice I could have made: I started getting up earlier to get it done and out of the way. That way, my workouts stopped feeling like something that were interrupting my day. Instead, I shifted my perspective and decided to view my 5-6am workout time as me time. Well, our puppy Max always follows me, so it has become our morning time. Ya, he usually destroys some pillows, but it’s all good! By the way, not all workouts are an hour long.

Cardio days about 30 minutes long. That said, even the hour long workouts are just a non-issue now. My advice is: get up early and get it done! It’s true what they say, your workouts set the tone for the day.

The trainer’s instruction is helpful. Autumn constantly reminds us to challenge our limiting beliefs, to push hard, and that what we put into our workout and nutrition pays off in other areas of our life. As someone who is committed to and invested in self-growth, I appreciate the reminders. To be honest, I thought I would find the constant motivating words annoying because of the repetition, but I really appreciate and enjoy them. I know that many of you struggle with commitment to nutrition and consistency, so this is something I think you would enjoy and benefit from.

Nutrition. I eat according to my metabolic type and believe that everyone has their own metabolic individuality, so I am not following the timed-nutrition the program advocates. My eating doesn’t change according to the fitness program that I am doing, so I can’t speak to the meal plan she offers with the program. My customers who have followed the program’s nutrition plan have liked it for the most part, but many have said that eating at specific times of the day hasn’t been realistic or sustainable for them in the long run. It’s really up to you if you decide to follow Metabolic Typing, the portion control containers, or the time-nutrition program that comes with the program. What I do know is that food matters! You will not see good results if you’re not treating your body like the temple that it is. You also won’t feel as great. Do feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss!

As I said, I’m down the 2-3 lbs I wanted to lose, everything is lifting and my body feels great!! The mix of weights, band work, and cardio seem to be perfect for my body. My back is not experiencing any additional pain because of the program. I love everything about it!!! If I could change one thing, I would make the workouts shorter, but really, I’m not complaining!!!

I can’t tell you if this is the right program for you. I can only tell you that my body loves it and that it’s been great for my mindset. I have a Holiday Fit Group if you’d like to join! We're starting the prep week right after Thanksgiving. Yup, right on time for the holidays so you can go into the new year feeling amazing!


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