Clear money blocks, magnetize wealth + manifest holistic abundance.

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Clear money blocks, magnetize wealth + manifest holistic abundance.
The training & coaching experience to clear money blocks, raise wealth consciousness, magnetize money, & transform you into an open vessel to receive all of life’s internal and external riches.


with Dr. Barbie Kalev


Imagine feeling expansive, free, joyful, and in communion with money. Imagine becoming a money magnet. It is absolutely possible.

This is what many of my clients have said the Money Magnet experience has allowed them to become.

This is not a program that promises a get-rich-quick approach or that teaches a copy paste 7-step process to attract financial abundance. This is also not a program that pedestals money or that promotes chasing money at the cost of your joy and well-being. This is a program that helps you fall in love with yourself and your relationship to money!

In Money Magnet, I teach you the energetics of money, help you raise your awareness around old money stories that may be blocking you, and equip you with the tools & knowledge to become a magnetic force in your life for money and all kinds of abundant experiences! Money Magnet is unlike any other program out there because you will also have hot seat and Q&A calls with me to help you integrate the material. 

You’ll discover that you literally are the magic that creates your rich life experiences. I cannot wait to spend time with you in the room!

Is for the woman who is thriving by societal standards & knows that there’s a whole other level of abundance—financial and internal—she can tap into.

Is for the woman who is successful, “doing all the things,” but is ready for more ROI, with more ease, more flow, and more joy!

Past Money Magnet clients have been c-suite executives, chiropractors, healers, entrepreneurs, engineers, stay at home moms, lawyers, corporate executives, teachers— they have this in common: They are soulful, authentic, thirsty for growth, willing to do the inner work, and ready to master the energetics of money !


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Money Magnet will allow you to:

✶ Become aware and learn how to clear limiting beliefs around money so you can allow money & abundance to flow in.

✶ Grant yourself permission to succeed at your soul’s highest level. As soon as you say YES to yourself, you grant your subconscious mind permission to leap. Many of my clients start manifesting before the course even begins.

✶ Recognize & embrace your intrinsic worth so that you can build from a place of overflow instead of having to prove your worth.

✶ Learn the key manifestation principles so you can consistently call in financial abundance & what you truly desire with ease. No need to force or drive yourself to the ground to experience a life of overflow.

✶ Transform your relationship to money so you can enjoy it, feel worthy of it, & enjoy life’s endless experiences without shame or guilt.

✶ Learn to receive without having to over-give or over-extend. Master your energy to become a powerful receiver.


 Meet Jen...

Engineer turned Human Design Expert...

"When you're in these different communities, you hear these messages over and over about your worth, about your ability, but to really see that embodied in the person who is leading, in this case you in this community, has the ability to bring a lot of that stuff together. You can read it in a book, you can hear it here, but really to see the embodiment of that I think is really powerful."

Sara B.

"Since enrolling in this course, so many mind shifts have taken place. I'm stepping into my purpose that I've known for so long but didn't have the courage to do it til now. I finally cried today which is big for me because I'm an emotional person that takes on others emotions but tend to suppress mine. I cried for ME. Cried for my savior that died for me to mess up so much so that I can help others heal. thank you Barbie. This is just the beginning."

Jenn G.

"As for the course...At this point, it just seems silly to say..I love it. I'm learning. I'm growing...those words just seem so insignificant when trying to describe what I actually feel about the only thing I can offer is..I got way more than I paid for...I feel bad for ripping you off."

Laura W.

"If you're on the fence, you're seeing this message for a reason...guidance, put yourself out there, invest in yourself, and your future. There is not a doubt in my mind this investment will payback tenfold in monetary growth and more importantly personal development growth!..I have sat on the sidelines for years, always admiring Barbie. To be able to have this growth opportunity with her mentorship--invaluable!!"



 Here's what we're covering...


Week 1

Our limitless nature, creating from a blank slate, deep conditioning of money stories 

Week 2

Subconscious programming, reconditioning, creating new paradigms, worthiness

Week 3

Receiving mode, money can flow in without extra work, desire and lack in manifesting

Week 4

The energy of money, focused q&a, identity work and how we truly change

Week 5

The role of celebration, becoming a match to our desires, transformational tools and modalities

Week 6

Group Q&A 


Bonus session about Human Design 

Bonus laser coaching session with Barbie for Paid In Full option




Pay in Full

Includes one 1:1 session to answer any questions & help you integrate the material. 



2 Payments 

Includes 1 day Voxer support to answer any questions & help you integrate the material. 



3 Payments




4 Payments




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 Meet Your Mentor...


Hello! My name is Dr. Barbie Kalev.

I have earned a cumulative 8 figures in the online space through direct sales and offering my customized programs, mastermind, and mentoring experiences. My 16+ years in the online space and the almost five decades on this planet have given me a unique vantage point and have allowed me to embody wisdom that I now pour into my clients and team to help them create extraordinary success. 

My unique programs are for soul-led individuals who are ready to tap into the intangible world of manifestation, energetics, mindset, identity work, and aligned action in order to create a beautiful, tangible reality from the inside out. Clients in my programs come from all walks of life. Whether they are entrepreneurs or not, what they all have in common is a desire and readiness to step into their next level version of their lives. 

What sets me apart is that I have been a 7-figure earner for over a decade and I have truly integrated how to operate from both feminine and masculine energies. It wasn’t always like this. I know what it’s like to function in the world of non-stop doing, of feeling like “if it’s up to be it’s up to me” mentality, and hitting a wall, but not knowing a more fruitful, more enjoyable & profitable way. It took me years of deep learning and integrating in order to master the masculine energy of strategy, systems, action–which comes quite naturally for me–with the feminine energy of trusting my own intuition, wisdom, magnetism, and all that comes with that realm. It is this embodied, integrated wisdom, knowledge, and skills that I bring to you in my programs, mastermind and mentorship.


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