hey friends!

My name is Barbie Kalev.

I'm on a mission to empower women to stand in their power so they can lead lives they love. I also believe it all begins with putting ourselves first, starting with our health and fitness.

I'm married to Sagi Kalev, am a fur mom of 4 (crazy, I know!), have a PhD in French literature, and have been a successful Beachbody Coach for the past almost 13 years. We live in Westlake, Texas. A little about myself: I grew up on public assistance in a small one bedroom apartment in Queens, NY. I pursued my PhD because I thought education was the best way out of poverty. Along the way, I discovered something else that not only allowed me to get fit and healthy, but eventually gave me freedom and joy.  


I'm someone who refused to accept the circumstances that life had dished out to her as a child and who decided to rewrite her own story. I'm proof that we can turn our story into a testament of what's possible when you believe and are determined! 

Here's to living kick ass lives that matter! 



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